“No doubt. Lucia Matos is a conductor of exceptional musicianship and a leader who makes clear to her colleagues exactly what she wants. And what she wants invariably serves each composer’s requirements" Erik Eriksson, NW Review

“Lucia Matos and the Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra provide a fine, vibrant sound and make good accompanists. With its out of the way repertoire and musical performances, this is a highly recommendable disc".
Robert Hugill, MusicWeb International

“The performance (of Cosi fan tutte) was truly gorgeous; a revelation for those that knew the piece as well as those who had never heard it before. Lucia Matos understands language in opera –not just the correct pronunciation of the words and their literal translations, but the deeper purpose of the text and the true meaning of the words to create character, propel the drama and communicate. She also loves and understands the voice. Recognizing the demands of the various roles and the singers’ individual strengths and limitations, she elicited superior performances from everyone."
William Swain, Opera Illinois

(on Wieniawaski Second Violin concerto with Robert Hanford, concertmaster of the Lyric Opera)
“Matos led the by-no-means-simple accompaniment with utmost skill, marking clearly the carefully-wrought detail that complements the solo line so well. In some six decades, we’ve heard perhaps three or four performances at this level. No fine, however."
…For Antonin Dvorak’s wonderful Eighth Symphony in G major, Matos shaped a marvelously coherent interpretation, one sagaciously paced and shot with Czech feeling and sensitivity. “
Erik Eriksson, NW Review

(Carlos Chavez – Symphony No.2, India ) "It was conducted masterfully by Lucia Matos, who brought out the work’s melodic nuances and rhythmic vitality admirably."
Robert C. Fuller, Des Moines Register

“The concert concluded with Beethoven’s Eighth Symphony. Here Matos was in her element. She clearly loves the work and had the musicians play with vibrancy and joy."
Marty Lash, Door County Advocate

“A full, on-stage orchestra is conducted by Lucia Matos. She and her musicians capture the drama of Mozart’s music: the ominous sense of impending fate in the selections from the Requiem, the high comedy and energy of “Figaro" and “The Magic Flute" and the sweet lyricism of “Abduction". “
Gary Paneta, Peoria Journal Star